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Puglia, Lecce, Vieste - Undiscovered Italy from €1149.00 pp

Puglia, Lecce, Vieste – Undiscovered Italy 

Prices from:  €1149.00 pp

Duration:  8 days

Puglia, little-known, ruggedly beautiful, fringed by the sea – where the magnificent architecture of Lecce and Bari, coastal charm of Vieste, ‘hobbit’-like conical trulli and local cuisine offer a delightfully different experience of Italy. Blessed with abundant sunshine and fringed by the bountiful waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Puglia is a land of plenty. One of the most fertile regions of Italy, it produces more olive oil than the rest of the country combined, most of its fish, 80 per cent of Europe’s pasta and more wine than the whole of Germany. Unsurprisingly, its natural riches have attracted a host of invaders throughout history – ancient Greeks colonised the area in the 8th century BC, then came the Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Normans, Spanish and Bourbons, before Puglia became part of unified Italy in 1861. Each culture has left a distinct footprint, from the local dialect peppered with Greek expressions to the Moorish ambience of the narrow streets of Bari, where traders’ wares spill out onto the cobbled streets. It is this melding of cultures that makes Puglia – the ‘heel’ of Italy’s great ‘boot’ – delightfully different.

Overlooked by many who prefer to head to Italy’s better-known attractions, Puglia echoes with its own history. In Lecce, an imperial column marks the end of the Appian Way, one of the greatest Roman roads, and Hannibal dealt Rome its heaviest defeat at nearby Cannae. A gem of a baroque city, Lecce also boasts around a hundred churches of myriad styles, ranging from Romanesque to Rococo. Its centre is a labyrinth of alleyways, and it’s easy to imagine Roman officials, medieval merchants and richly clad bishops going about their lives. Every town seems to have a Norman cathedral, decorated with intricate stonework, colourful frescoes and fine paintings. Huge Spanish-built castles overlook the rolling countryside, while the ports that once thrummed with crusaders embarking for the Holy Land now have a relaxed feel.

As you explore, it becomes evident that Puglia is not the Italy of the north. Its rugged limestone landscape is carpeted with olive groves and dotted with villages of white, flat-roofed houses resembling those of Greece and its islands, while the beauty of the forested Gargano Peninsula stands comparison with the more famous Amalfi coast. But there are many features unique to this area, none more so than the trulli, the cone-shaped houses that have become unofficial symbols of Puglia.

Here in the deep southeast of Italy, nature and history are powerful influences, the locals still wink cheekily at authority and the relaxed and communal way of life is in harmony with the sunny climate. Famed for its passionate embrace of life, simple cuisine, flavoursome wines, historic cities and charming coastal villages, it’s a delightful place to get away from it all.

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Lake Maggiore, Orta and the Matterhorn Tour from €1369.00 p.p

Lake Maggiore, Orta & the Matterhorn Tour 

Prices from:  €1369.00 pp

Duration:  8 days

It is very difficult to describe the sheer stunning beauty of the Italian Lakes and it is hardly surprising that so many composers like Verdi and Rossini, plus countless poets and writers have sought peace and inspiration here. Its heady mix of serene, deep waters, fragrant orange blossom and verbena lend their delicate scents to the warm air, whilst forest-clad hillsides, typical Italian medieval villages, mouth-watering fresh food and an effervescent people unique on the planet make it hard to beat.

Lake Maggiore straddles both Italy and Switzerland, and we stay in Stresa, a stylish typical Italian town. We explore not only Lake Maggiore, but also the equally beautiful Lake Como, plus the hidden gem: Lake Orta. With the arc of the majestic Alps stretching out along the horizon, you will enjoy probably the finest mountain scenery in the world during your visits to Switzerland, chic Locarno and dramatic Zermatt, nestling famously at the foot of the mighty Matterhorn, the world’s most charismatic peak. Then there are the delightful lost valleys, tumbling glacial streams and classic chalet scenes all blended together to offer a truly inspirational tour.


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Timeless Provence Tour from €1119.00 p.p

Timeless Provence Tour 

Prices from:  €1119.00 pp

Duration:  8 days

Provence is a most irresistible land of striking natural beauty and great diversity, fields of lavender, interspaced with vineyards and olive groves, crowned by the hills of the Luberon.The desolate wilderness of the Camargue is fascinating, with its white horses galloping across flat wetlands, herds of black bulls and striking flocks of pink flamingos.

Historically the Greeks visited, the Phoenicians traded, the Saracens looted, but most of all the Romans settled; they have all left their legacies. Aix en Provence, Paris-like in stature and style yet village-like in pace and ambience, its old quarter is street upon colourful street of traditional shops with quiet and hidden squares. The majestic Mont St. Victoire, immortalised by Cézanne, towers over it all. This is the real France so beloved by Van Gogh, Renoir and countless other artists who worked here, finding inspiration in the colour and luminosity of light.

All the fragrances and colours of this sunburnt land are found in its cuisine and it is all washed down with some of the finest wine in the world.


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Lisbon, Oporto and the Douro Valley Tour from €1289.00 p.p

Lisbon, Oporto & the Douro Valley Tour

Prices from:   €1289.00 pp

Duration:  8 days

You’ll discover the real Portugal on this tour – a rich and varied country with a proud history that’s admirably reflected in the many fascinating places we visit. Inland Portugal, long overlooked on European itineraries, has only recently been brought to the discerning traveller’s attention. It’s one of the world’s oldest countries, Britain’s longest ally and has been ruled by the Romans, Visigoths, by the remarkable Moors and almost every other race of invaders ever since, with all leaving their legacies. Without doubt the country’s most defining period was the Middle Ages. A succession of maritime explorers pioneered by Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India, thus passing the Ottoman Empire. They created hugely profitable links with today’s Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and even Japan – then the most closed of societies. Returning with gold, silks, spices, fine furniture and exquisite porcelain, selling it to Europe’s aristocracy for a fortune they created the world’s richest country.

Set on the very edge of Europe, its scenery is just as stunning and dramatic. You’ll experience it in full – from its coastal forests, wild seascapes, fertile fields and dramatic valleys to sweeping biscuit-coloured hillsides covered with olive trees, fragrant pine forests and lush meadows.


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Dubrovnik,Dalmatian Coast and Montenegro Tour from €1339.00 p.p

Dubrovnik,Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro Tour

Prices from:  €1339.00 pp

Duration: 8 days

Croatia is simply one of Europe’s best kept secrets, however, with the scars of its recent history very much healed, this interesting country with its Mediterranean ambience and truly stunning natural beauty is on the discerning traveller’s map once again.

Dubrovnik is a delight, almost a living museum, medieval in character with numerous baroque churches and where life spills spontaneously onto its pedestrianised marble streets. The Dalmatian coastline is legendary: one of the most dramatic in Europe and extending for hundreds of miles. Whilst this is a unique country, the Croatians appear very much Mediterranean in character: effervescent, friendly and open. The cuisine really is superb too, heavily influenced by nearby Greece and Italy; you will find exquisite fish like fresh sea bass, tuna and bream, excellent meats and Mediterranean vegetables. Then we visit Montenegro, one of the world’s newest countries yet reminiscent of the Mediterranean 30 years ago: stunning coastline and centuries old fishing villages with tiny streets, Byzantine churches and market squares with stalls creaking from the weight of colourful local produce. Still so wonderfully undiscovered, it is a journey back in time.


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Classical Spain Tour from €939.00 p.p

Classical Spain Tour

Prices from:  €939.00 pp

Duration:  7 days

Immortalised by the writings of Ernest Hemingway and beloved by Orson Welles, Spain’s southernmost region is a tapestry of rugged, fragrant and sun-kissed countryside, covered by green olive groves stretching into the distance under a perpetually azure-blue sky. With biscuit-coloured plains, untamed rivers, deep gorges and the spectacular snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains providing the backdrop, there are few places on earth boasting such a wealth of natural wonders in such a small area.

Tiny whitewashed villages perch on the hilltops, with narrow winding streets where every house has window boxes crammed with colourful flowers, adding touches of vitality to these sleepy hamlets little changed since the days of Christopher Columbus.

Andalucía has a long and violent past stretching from the dawn of civilisation. The Phoenicians and ancient Greeks traded, whereas Julius Caesar fought here, as did Hannibal. The region is crammed with legacies of different cultures from throughout the centuries, especially the Moors whose architecture adds such magical appeal. Without doubt, the jewels in Andalucía’s crown are the cities of Seville, Córdoba and Granada, which have some of the most important monuments anywhere in the world, many of which are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are protected accordingly. Seville, home of Carmen and Figaro, boasts the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. It was from here that first Columbus and then the conquistadors set sail to explore and plunder the New World, and from the 16th century unimaginable wealth poured in, building the city we see today. Córdoba has a bridge with 16 arches spanning the river, built by the Romans and amazingly still in use, and the Mezquita, built by the Moors and so architecturally dazzling and thought provoking it is beyond words. Granada has the magnificent Alhambra, the fortress-palace of Moorish rulers, dramatically situated, richly decorated and putting to shame almost anything we can conceive today.

So, for an inspirational blend of timeless countryside, iconic monuments, romantic and vivacious cities, fragrant flowers and orange blossom, wonderful art and superb cuisine, all set in a region that welcomes visitors as honoured guests, welcome to Andalucía.


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Classical Italy Tour from €1189.00 p.p

Classical Italy Tour

Prices from:   €1189.00 p.p

Duration:  8 days

For centuries Italy has drawn visitors in search of culture and romance with few countries comparing with its enormous Classical origins: its art, architecture, music, design, scenery, food or wine. Indeed Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any other country, let alone province on earth.

Italy’s contribution to European painting and sculpture far surpasses that of any other nation being home to the most extensive ancient civilisation, the Renaissance, the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. Blend this with the striking natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside, the vitality of Rome, the effervescence inside every Italian and you have an unbeatable destination for a tour.


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